Galerie des Modes, 2e Cahier de Grandes Robes d'Etiquette, 3e Figure

Grand Robe de Cour à l'étiquette. 

To Madame the Countess de Sabran:

"For Mme the Marquise de Custine. Presentation Dress; 20 January 1788.

- The furnishing of a full gown, the petticoat of white taffeta, covered with a crêpe spotted with silver sequins, forming a fabric with contrary pleats, the foot of the petticoat trimmed with a large band of green sequins striped with white sequins, bordered at the bottom with a high gold fringe and tatting; three festoons forming shells bordered with a very high fringe of gold and silver tassels, a very beautiful garland in branch-work of green and pearl spangles mixed with gold spangles, with large flowers of blue spangles, the top of the petticoat striped in columns of garlands of green spangles, all a branch-work mixed with pearl: the bottom of the gown of blue satin trimmed with a fringe of gold and silver tassels; a band spotted with spangles, a flat gold fringe with tatting at the top; the grand corps of blue satin trimmed with a stomacher of black velvet embroidered with stones, the edging and shoulder straps matching. Four gold and fine silver gown tassels. The palatine with two rows of pleats of bastard-height blonde lace, fond d'Alençon; a rich garland in the middle; a pair of bracelets of bouillonné silver lamé, a large bouquet of plain blue and white larkspur. ... 3,000 livres"

Dossiers Bertin (Doucet Library)


  1. Weird--the text doesn't seem to describe this gown at all!
    I was amazed to see the drapery, in the red and green coloring--really, really over the top!
    Auntie anan

    1. Oh, it definitely doesn't! I think the reprint editors went with this because of the tassels and garlands.

  2. Oops. My iPad has a mind of its own,
    Auntie Nan


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