Galerie des Modes, 3e Cahier de Grandes Robes d'Etiquette, 1ere Figure

 Robe de Cour with hoop, trimmed with dotted ermine.

To the Marquise de Torre Monsamal:

"1785, 8 March. - 10 ells of spring fabric is gros de Naples with a white ground, spangled with silver and lilac for a wide-hooped gown at 120 livres ... 1,200 livres.

"Two pieces of spangled crêpe embroidered with lilac sequins in medallions for the petticoat at 200 livres ... 400 -

"The trimming of said gown, the drapery bordered with a fringe of silver tassels with a garland of silver and lilac sequins or a pleated ruffle of silver blonde edged with a fringe, a butterfly bow fringed at each corner, the bottom of the parement matching, the manchettes trimmed with fringe, the petticoat in spangled and striped crêpe trimmed with a volant of spangled and satin-striped crêpe edged with a fringe and tatting, a garland in lilac sequins and silver-spangled bows ... 1,080 -

"A gown edging in blonde ... 15 -

"A parure of three bows in spangled silver lamé ribbon ... 60 -

"The matching stomacher en barrière ... 27 -

"A pair of manchettes with three rows of very beautiful blonde of an extraordinary width on a fine tulle ... 216 -

"A chérusque in a matching beautiful blonde ... 120 -

"A shift trimmed with a row of beautiful blonde ... 48 -

"A blonde frill ... 27 -

"A pouf edged with a barrière of lilac sequins, a pleated ruffle of very beautiful blonde, three plumes with lilac tips, blonde gauze and ribbon behind ... 240 -

"A side bouquet of variegated carnations and Spanish jasmine ... 48 -"

Dossiers Bertin (Doucet Library)