MMA Exhibition: the Interwoven Globe

This week, I was lucky enough to go down to the city (more on that another time) and see a current exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art: Interwoven Globe: The Worldwide Textile Trade, 1500 – 1800. It's a very grand show, and I highly recommend visiting it if you're in the area.

While the mounted carpets, bedspreads, and tapestries are magnificent, you (if you're reading this) will most appreciate the opportunity to view some very well-known 18th century gowns - most especially 1995.235a, b, a painted taffeta sacque with knotted silk net parements and volant (the manchettes are also worth a closer look, as they're intricately embroidered); 1993.17a, b, the wildly embroidered Italian casaquin and petticoat; 1992.119.1a–c, a Neoclassical gown, petticoat, and fichu; and 1970.87a, b, that vivid yellow retroussée gown. Many of the garments are displayed in free-standing plexi cases, which means that you can stand closer to them and really get a good look at trim, pattern, seams, etc.

You can view the full list of objects in the exhibition here.