Galerie des Modes, 62e Cahier, 2e Figure

The amiable Culinette, adjusting her Hat à la Tarare,* She is waiting for her dear Aleindor for a rendez-vous, etc.

Pouf à la Tarare. "This pouf is made with two bands and a puff. The inner band is made of a wide green satin ribbon, forming a large bow in the back. The outer band is made of white crêpe, on the front of which is a tuft of crêpe like a bow. The puff is of the same white crêpe and it is separated from the outer band by a garland of roses. On the left side of the pouf are five large white plumes, at the feet of which is fixed a bouquet of roses, and, on the right side, is an aigrette of rooster plumes, green and white."

La Magasin des Modes, 30 November 1787

* Tarare is an opera by Salieri which premiered in 1787. The character of Tarare is a virtuous soldier


  1. To add to the numerous bare breast in this publication, the name of this girl, Culinette, is also a sexual allusion : "Cul", means "ass"...


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