Galerie des Modes, 63e Cahier, 3e Figure

The good little Sister walking her little Brother. She is Coiffed with a Hat à la Sicilienne and Dressed in an elegant Fourreau etc. etc.

"Mesdames, admit it: while your children are little enough not to make you ashamed of your age and not to shut down your coquetry, you still lead them into society, in the promenades, in all the frequented places and even, when they are pretty, fine, playful, babbling, you make yourself a glory from showing them off, because your pride enjoys the praises which are accorded to them, and which are naturally reflected on you; (the fathers are so weak:) thus you want them to be dressed elegantly, with taste, in the same fashion; you find that it is thus why at this age they give you honor. So we should only do better to give you fashion for your children.

"You would not lead with pleasure children of a slightly advanced age, mostly because they would no longer have this gaiety, this vivacity, this babble capable of attracting all looks, and of making them transfer to you ..."

Cabinet des Modes, 1786