Galerie des Modes, 63e Cahier, 4e Figure

1. Galant hat. 2. Baigneuse à la Voluptueuse. 3. young Girl in a little morning Chemise. 4. a little Gentleman in a Matelot, with a Hat à l'Espagnol.

"If we revisit in our minds all the modifications of Fashions, it will be very easy for us to convince ourselves that Fashion, called so variable, is yet regular in its march, and that it is always put together in the same manner. First is the simple style, or simple forms: then there are decorated, embellished forms; then there are overloaded forms, and, after, the Fashion disappears.

"While the embellishments are still simple, there are those that believe the Fashion will last for a long time (a long time for it); but soon the embellishments are overloaded, there is reason to believe that the Fashion has only a short time to last."

Le Magasin des Modes, 20 October 1787