Cabinet des Modes, 3e Cahier, 3e Planche


It represents a Woman coiffed in a cap à la Laitiere, trimmed with a dark green ribbon. Accommodage with two curls, the chignon underneath.

Earrings, as plaquettes.

Plain kerchief, of Italian gauze.

Fourreau with collar, à l'Anglaise, of the color King's eye, edged with white ribbon à la Jannette. The Fourreau is tied in front with a dark green ribbon.

Gloves of the color soft sulfur, or canary's tail.

Apron of plain muslin, with three pleats.

Pink shoes.
Choice Jewelry.

Earrings, and necklaces in gold pearls, lined and cut with facets, bestoned and polished in a stone-mill.

Idem. Bracelets, Purse drawstrings, Pins, Gold watch chains, cut and bestoned the same way.
Note. Decorations like these are never made in steel; they have the greatest effect in gold.
Men's Buckles, with a double row of gold pearls, interlaced with silver brilliants.

Watch cords, in silk, with buckles and a large gold key, or a seal à la Talisman.

Pendulum clock and Torches in Queen's porcelain, trimmed with matte ormolu.

Coat buttons, in eight sections, called au Firmament,  blue ground dotted with white stones.

Rings surrounded with brilliants: the middle filled with stones of diverse colors.

Women's Buckles, with stones, long square, composed of broken stones, without overlapping; sewn on the shoe, they take the form of the ankle, without hurting it.

Rings with bouquets of fine pearls; without crystal, surrounded with colored stones.

Women's Buckles, à Lantilles, of blue composition, with Childbirth* of Cayenne stones.

Idem. For the belt, with fringes.

Silver swords, with inlaid gold pearls.

Watch chains, with links of arborized agate, mounted in gold.

Silver spurs, cut in diamond points, like steel.

All these articles of jewelry are found at the shop of M. Grancher, Jeweler to the Queen, at the Little Dunkirk, quai de Conty, in Paris.

* I suspect the figurative meaning is either "a center" or "a border"