Cabinet des Modes, 4e Cahier, 2e Planche

January 1, 1786


It represents a Man in an Overcoat.
Hat à l'Androsmane.
Overcoat of wool, bottle colored.
Buttons of mother of pearl.
Gilet of black silk fabric, dotted with green flowers; buttonholes embroidered in white silk scallops.
Breeches of sulfur-colored wool. Buttons of white metal.
White stockings striped with blue.
Shoes with slightly squared toes.
Oval silver buckles.
In the hand a cane of Bamboo.


They are still worn in scarlet with a collar of black velvet.
In blue wool, with smooth buttons of mohair in the same color.
In striped wool, sky blue, grey, or green ground, with a black stripe across.


The lightest and warmest are those in the shape of pelisses, descending to the heels.
They are of grey, puce, or any other color taffeta, padded and quilted.
They are also made in padded and quilted camlet, with a taffeta lining.

Of long silk plush, flesh-colored, canary's-tail, blue, red, dark green, gold, violet, and canary's-tail mixed.