Cabinet des Modes, 6e Cahier, 3e Planche


It represents a day Bed, or Causeuse, properly placed in a boudoir.

The Wood of the bed is walnut, sculpted and gilded.

The two Headboards, of the same wood, sculpted and gilded, surmounted by a garland of flowers.

The Columns, also walnut, sculpted and gilded, surmounted by a pineapple.

The Drapery, of chiné gros de Florence, green, and trimmed with cords and fringes with three guipures, white, pink, and green.

This Drapery, like that of the Preacher's Pulpit beds, can be made, not only of gros de Florence, but in French or Indian damask, in satin, lampas, and taffeta of all sorts of colors, and Indian linens.
The tricorn Hats, à l'Androsmane, are still the height of fashion; (see the description of these Hats, second Book, page 10, and that of the round Hats à l'Anglaise, same Book, page 11,) together with the round Hats à l'Anglaise. M. Donnet, Merchant Hatmaker, rue Saint Honoré, near that of l'Echelle, in Paris, in whose shop one finds very-handsome and very-good hats, whether in beaver, demi-beaver, quarter beaver and others, gives notice that he will furnish them,  at a just price, of a superior quality, for the strength, as well as the elegance of the shape. He will send to the Provinces and foreign Countries.

The price of the fur beginning to diminish, M. Donnet gives a felt hat more body than was given at other times.

M. Auguffin Fabregettes Valette, Maker of Wools in Lodève in Languedoc, makes Vests and Gilets in tricot cotton, which at present are greatly worn; they are similar to those made in wool, in England, and they are preferable, 1st. for the brilliance and beauty that they give to the variety of colors, 2nd. for their strength. This tricot is worn in all seasons; it is immune to the bite of worms, and the more it is washed, the more the colors are established and acquire luster.

The price of these Vets or Gilets is 60 livres per dozen, for ready money.
The Cabinet des Modes being widespread in all the Provinces, as well as foreign Countries, we invite Admirers, Artists, Artisans, Makers, and Manufacturers, to give notice to M. ALLEMAND, house of M. Piot, Wine Merchant, rue Saint. Marguerite, the suburb of Satin Germain, in Paris, of all that they invent or perfect, both in Clothes and Parures of People of one or the other sex, and in Furniture of every type, Decorations, Room embellishments, carriage shape, Jewels, Works of Goldsmithy, and generally in all objects of utility, convenience, Fashion, or charm.

One can also write to the same address, in having care to frank Letters and Packets, of Notices, of Exact descriptions, with the designs and Plans which could be necessary to publish them, to make known their merit or charm, and facilitate all the advantages that one wants to withdraw.

The Merchants who have sent us some details, are already well found, in the sale of several articles, which perhaps had not had a place in our announcements.