Cabinet des Modes, 8e Cahier, 1ere Planche

THE ELEGANCE and taste which shine in each of the Parures of our Ladies justify our attention to make them all known, when they were not of an actual and daily fashion. The two Prints which follow in presenting a new type, which we have not spoken of yet. One could look at them as the dominant taste today: the simple poise, ease, and liberty they give to those who wear them, make them generally preferred. The gently nuanced colors of these outfits, and the manner of wearing them, enhance the brilliance of the complexion, and spreads an agreeable vivacity in all the air of the body and face. We flatter ourselves that one knew us to willingly have published these two Fashions which reign in the homes of a very-great number of our Ladies.



WOMAN in adjusted Redingote.

The Redingote is of Louviers wool, in Bishop's purple, and trimmed with white buttons.

Little manchettes of batiste or plain muslin are worn at the ends of the sleeves of the Redingote.

The Corset and Petticoat which accompany this Redingote, are of Indian taffeta in lemon. These two colors of a sweet and tender look, vary and contrast together agreeably.

The Kerchief of white linen, fastened with a nakara ribbon, varies these colors again and makes them stand out in a most glorious manner.

On the head, a Hat à l'Anglaise, trimmed with fur on the top and bottom. On the crown of the hat, a wide black velvet [ribbon], with a long worked steel buckle, which fastens it on the left side.

In the back, the hair hangs à la Conseillère; and on each side, two little curls also à la Conseillère, hanging on the shoulders.

The Shoes are, like the Redingote, Bishop's purple.

The Woman, for more poise, carries, in the right hand, a parasol cane. She can carry a simple cane, or any other thing. In the left hand, she holds a white handkerchief.