Cabinet des Modes, 8e Cahier, 2e Planche

 WOMAN in Robe à l'Anglaise.

The merit of this Outfit is in shrinking the body as much as possible. The Gown must take in an define the waist well. The best thing is to wear under it a tight Corset. The top of the Corset and that of the Gown must be fastened very loosely to give the most grace to the body.

The Gown is a lightweight pink satin, and the Petticoat is a lightweight white satin. One cannot deny that this manner of cutting the Gown, the Petticoat, is an elegant refinement; the two colors lend themselves a mutual splendor which gladdens the view; but  both colors must be fresh.

The Woman wears, instead of a cloak, a very-ample scarf of white taffeta, trimmed with a wide flounce of black gauze, crossed over the chest, knotted in the back over the Gown, in the form of a belt; it allows the two ends, trimmed with the same flounce or a fringe matching it, to be lost.

The hair hanging à la Conseillère, and is accompanied by two large curls falling on the shoulders, as in the first Print.

A coiffure en cheveux, a little elevated, and over it a casque à la Romaine in yellow satin, edged with a pink ribbon, on which play three large plumes, of which one is black and two are white, falling back on the casque, which is trimmed with a veil of white gauze hanging down to the belt.

Lastly, this Woman wears Chinese Sabots of yellow satin, trimmed with a pink frill. It is simple to observe that Shoes and Sabots always have some rapport, in colors, with the Gown and the Cap ribbons.