Cabinet des Modes, 12e Cahier, 3e Planche

May 1, 1786


WE say nothing of the rapidity with which shoe Buckles for men have succeeded each other, and of the infinite quantity which reigns together. Women could reproach Men for changing them as they change their caps and hats. But this rapid and successive variety produces an advantage for commerce which prevents all reproach.

We have drawn four of them in this Plate, which are of the latest taste and latest model. They are made more round, more squared, with eight sides, in a perfect oval, as wide as it is long.

The first is made in Love knots. One part is cut in facets and diamond points, and the other part is in pearls. The Buckle is two and three quarter inches wide.

The second has two rows, cut in faceted diamonds. The row above is in very-large diamonds, and the inside is in medium sized ones. It is two and three quarter inches wide.

The third is in rosettes cut in diamond points, separated from each other by three large round pearls. It is two and a half inches wide.

The fourth has four rows cut in facets and diamond points. These rows are narrow, separated with a line around, and joined together with eight little bars placed a certain distance from each other. It is three inches wide.

These Buckles have been drawn from the Shop of M. Grancher, at the Little Dunkirk, who has a complete Assortment, in all types and in the newest taste. The great volume he makes of them renews each day in his shop.


It is a received Fashion today in the homes of our Journalists, to propose Questions to their Subscribers, so that they can exercise their minds. We propose some of our own, to follow this Fashion. But as we want to save them all sorts of work, and as we desire that they serve only to exercise the minds of others, we send them Responses with the Questions, so that they surely decide, to avoid all equivocation.

Question. How many things does one require for a woman to be perfect? Answer. Thirty.

Q. What are they? A. Three black, three white, three red, three long, three short, three wide, three fat, three nimble, three narrow, and three little.

Q. What are the three black? A. The hair, the eyebrows, and the eyelashes.

Q. The three white? A. The skin, the teeth, and the hands.

Q. The three red? A. The lips, the cheeks, and the nails.

Q. The three long? A. The body, the hair, and the hands.

Q. The three short? A. The teeth, the ears, and the feet.

Q. The three wide? A. The chest, the forehead, and the space between the eyebrows.

Q. The three fat? A. The arms, the thigh, and the bulk of the leg.

Q. The three nimble? A. The fingers, the hair, and the lips.

Q. The three narrow? A. The mouth, the nostrils, and the waist.

Q. And the three little? A. The teeth, the nose, and the head.