Galerie des Modes, 38e Cahier, 1ere Figure

(Way back when I was translating the Galerie, I came to two books - the 38th and 39th - which weren't included in the reprint. From the index, I could see that they were coiffures, and since they seemed less pressing than the gowns I let them wait. And then I forgot about them.)

Boston MFA 44.1526

Coiffure of a white straw hat edged with a colored ribbon. Crown surrounded by a wide ribbon, with a bow in the front. It is decorated with flowers and covered with straight hair over a toque which is low in front and larger in the back. Two curls and a favori; loose chignon and two curls hanging in back. (1781)


  1. YAY, Cassidy, thank you! I'm on a hat-and-hair-hunting-and-researching binge so I'll be haunting your blog :)

    Also, I love her double-loop necklace.

    1. I hope you're also on an exposed nipple hunting binge, because there are quite a few coming up!

    2. Bahaha I have a running joke with friends about the ubiquitous 18th century nip slip! That's the one part of our costumes we don't care to attempt to recreate...:P


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