Galerie des Modes, 38e Cahier, 3e Figure

Boston MFA 44.1528
Coiffure called à la Princesse: a low toque in front, the Coque a little protruding, a frizzed area raised over the whole, edged with a row of little curls in hair roses, separated from the toque by a ribbon bandeau. Three curls on the sides, two hanging baton curls at the height of the loose Chignon. A gauze Pouf artistically placed at the top of the head; a panache on the left side of the front, composed of two aigrette plumes, a Heron feather, and a very supple one called a Follette, because it plays with grace. If you want, flowers may be added to this Coiffure, as shown here. (1781)


  1. Uh...I doubt anyone was actually noticing her hairdo....


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