Not Really An Update, and Not Really A Hiatus

I hate to do this! But ever since I became fully employed in the history field, I've found it really hard to produce quality posts on a regular basis. Back in the day, when I was frustrated about icing cakes and slicing bread for a "living" (plus not sewing anything ever), it was a simple thing to sit down and research the exact progression of the shape of the bustle - but now I spend hours at work tracking down historical minutiae and hours off work sewing feverishly.

Going forward I'm going to continue writing my Historical Sew Monthly posts, and hopefully without the articles in between they will become more substantial again. I intend to get more done than just those, but pushing myself to write a post a week isn't working.

So I'm sorry for the lack of content today, but I can promise that the August challenge is going to be something special!


  1. You're right not to push yourself - it never works in the long run anyway! Your posts are very much appreciated whether they'd be daily or monthly.

    Personally, I value quality over frequency, and what with blog rolls and feed readers I don't think it's important that posts are frequent or regular.


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