Now that several months have passed, it's time to post about my Halloween costume. Last year, I participated in the coolest wedding - early bustle themed! Julie (the bride) made her dress from a purple faille, and got purple faille and black taffeta for all the bridesmaids for us to each make a dress or have a dress made. (And then Julie made like six other dresses, she's terrifyingly productive.)

On the lawn at Ventfort, doing photos 
The wedding was held at Ventfort Hall, a really gorgeous Gothic Revival mansion in western Massachusetts that was the most lovely setting for an historical wedding you could imagine.

Lacing corsets!
There was a makeup artist and two hairstylists; I did my own makeup, but happily acceded to the ministrations of a trained hair professional because I'm completely incapable of doing anything with my hair. I did bring the hair I've been saving from my comb, which the hairdresser used as a big rat base. (Julie also lent me a braided switch, which was put over the top.) When I took it down, there were 49 bobby pins in it!

I was privileged to button the royal boots
 For my dress, I used a pattern I'd taken the year before of a dress from the New York State Museum, which was originally sage green with beige satin trim but adapted very well to my materials for a kind of stripped-down second mourning look. Same corset as ever, but I did make a full cage bustle from a Harriets pattern. (I don't recommend it, and I've formulated a rule of thumb that if you can recognize where the image on the pattern or used to advertise it comes from - that is, the image is taken from Arnold or Waugh or Bradfield or a famous portrait or fashion plate, rather than being a drawing or photo of the garment itself - it might have some big problems.)

The dress has some problems, but I'm really happy with how tight the bodice is. My constant problem is adding too much ease because a) I'm afraid I'll make something too small and waste the fabric and b) I tend to cut a large seam allowance to allow for alteration and then sew the seam half an inch away from the edge like a doofus. But this style of bodice is really fitted all in the darts, so I was able to get it close to my shape, even if there are a handful of other fit problems.

That's me on the far left - my bustle is huge
All the bridesmaids wore these filigree masks through the ceremony and afterward, when there was a lovely dinner, and dancing. It was a fantastic event - just about all of the guests dressed up (I mean all but three, practically) and we all had a wonderful time. Unfortunately, we're all spread out over the country and don't get to see each other often, but this was such a good time.

All photos were taken by other members of the party, taken from Facebook, with permission.


  1. Looks like an awesome wedding, everyone looks amazing!

  2. Wow, that dress is terrific. I'd love to see the pattern and a pic of the original. Your hair turned out so pretty!!
    Best for a great 2016
    Nancy N

    1. Thanks! I'll post some photos of the original this weekend.

  3. I love the look of this wedding! Your dress fits you beautifully, and I really like Julie's stockings. The little details like that add so much to a celebration like this. But the best part? Dude... your hair is AMAZING.

    1. It was a really fantastic theme. I'm definitely too fainthearted to organize something this intense on my own, but it was such a great experience to be a part of.

      I'm still pretty happy about the hair. It's enough to make me want to practice (but it's so HARD).

  4. This is awesome! That dress fits you spot-on, and you look lovely!


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