What are you doing, girl?

A few days ago, I introduced you to my new Patreon page, but I wanted to give you more background about why I decided to do this and so on.

With this blog, I try to bridge the gap between costuming/reenactment and academia. I do post about sewing projects, when I do them (unless I'm just following the directions from a pattern packet, there's not much scope for research there), but what I really like to do is read primary and secondary sources, take something fresh from them, and share it with everyone else.

This is the kind of research you normally do for publication or a conference paper, but I don't really want to write for journals or conferences - I want to write for you, the public. It's not pure theory that I find intriguing, but the mixture of academic research with practical application, which leads to posts on fashions in petticoats and stomachers, or early nineteenth-century corsets. Or even more esoteric topics that might not be relevant to your sewing, but can still be interesting if you're into fashion history, like a re-evaluation of Worth's innovations.

At every level of monthly patronage, you get the ability to vote in polls to determine what I'll write about - which might not be for every single post, but should be a pretty regular feature - and at higher levels, there are more benefits (being thanked in finished works, contributing to the poll choices themselves, and so on). The first patron poll I hold will likely have these choices:
  1. the history of white in weddings, likely two posts
  2. fashion in the late 1840s and early 1850s, possibly two posts
  3. several more late 1780s Cabinet des Modes translations
Patreon also has a goal system for patronage milestones. When I hit my first one, which I'm almost halfway to, I'm going to start a podcast on fashion history! A lot of the topics I'm trying to make accessible would be even more accessible if I were talking through them informally, although I'd still accompany them with a blog post as both semi-transcript and liner notes. Higher goals will allow me to self-publish some of the work I've translated over the years, such as Garsault's text on the art of sewing body linens, or eventually the Galerie des Modes (there are a lot of images to license there - even with a volume discount, it's expensive).

Please let me know what you think about this! I really want to know if you think I'm asking for too much for certain goals or if there's something else I haven't thought to offer that you'd like better. For a while, I was considering running a serialized historical novel that could also be directed by voting, but I wasn't sure there'd be interest in that - if there is, I could always add that back into the mix ...

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