Godey's Lady's Book, August 1835

August 1835

THE TOILET. - No. 11


Take three drachms of bole ammoniac* - three drachms of myrrh, and a drachm of white lead - incorporate these with a sufficient quantity of goose-grease; and with this anoint the parts affected; and wear worsted gloves.

* A drachm is a unit of weight, during this period referring to either 1/16 or 1/8 of an ounce. Bole ammoniac is Armenian bole, an iron-rich clay from Armenia


Take myrrh, one ounce; litharge,* one drachm; honey, four ounces; wax, yellow, two ounces; oil of roses, six ounces. Mix the whole in one well-blended mass for use.

OBS. -- When the hands are chapped, avoid putting them in water.

* lead oxide


Take two tea-spoonfuls of clarified honey, and a few drops of distilled lavender water, or any other agreeable scent.

Mix them together, and anoint the lips frequently. If the hands are affected, anoint them all over at going to bed, wearing gloves during the night. Wash them the next morning with tepid milk and water. A night or two will effect a cure.