Magasin des Modes, 4e Cahier, Plate III

December 20, 1786

Two women's Busts.

The first, dressed in a pink satin gown, wears a hat with a very high crown, made of satin with pink stripes and Sky blue stripes, trimmed on the front in three rows of large bows of yellow ribbons with green plain stripes down the middle and pinked pink stripes on the edges, and on the back with three large bows of matching ribbons. In the middle of the three rows of large ribbon bows rises an aigrette of seven medium plumes in white, pink, black, and green. A veil of satin matching that used on the hat hangs from the back.

The crown of this hat is, so to speak, the only hat crown which is worn today. They are made in different satins with stripes of different colors - blue and white, black and pink, yellow and black, violet and white, etc.

The Woman's hair is all frizzed en tapet, and six curls, placed in three rows, hang over her chest. Her hair, behind, is pulled up in a floating chignon.

On her neck, a kerchief en chemise with three collars, fastened in front with a gold pin, whose head is a crescent.

In her ears, gold earrings à la Plaquette.

The second, also dressed in a pink satin gown, is frizzed like the first, but without powder, having a kerchief matching that of the first, wears a cap à la Bayard, such as the Actress wore in the Theatre, and such as the women of this City originally wore. One sees that, as we said in the first Book, they are only a sort of turban whose crown is raised into a sugarloaf; that they are trimmed in front with gold fringe, and behind with a long crêpe of gauze, with black and white stripes. On the front of this cap rises an aigrette of black and flame-colored rooster plumes, and a large white plume which falls floatingly.