Tableau Général de Goût, no. 1 pl. 2


Blonde wig à la Flore. The fashion of hair worn flat and cut à la Titus begins to pass. Now the hair is curled. Wigs that imitate this coiffure have been subjected to hooks, at least for the part of the hair which goes around the face. The top of the wig is wrapped with a bandeau of orange crepe.

Gold chain à l'esclavage. These gold chains, with flat links, are also used in the hair, where they serve as a bandeau. They are also seen used as belts, but this fashion has not been followed.

Chemise gown without sleeves. This chemise gown must have a long train: this gives it curvature. Which curvature? Without a doubt, the fashionable one.

Plain orange shawl thrown with abandon. This manner of throwing the shawl is picturesque and must please artists. It is equally advantageous and elegant.

Bag. The bag replaces pockets, banished henceforth from the trousseau of a pretty woman. It is never left off, they are made in all colors. The most elegant are edged in gold or silk: a purse more or less trimmed, a quizzing-glass, a handkerchief, and a novel, this is all that it can hold.