Painting Sources

It's so handy, being able to dump a huge thing of pictures here.

Portrait of a Young Woman, James Nixon, 1780-1785

Atelier of a Painter, Marie Victoire Lemoine, ca. 1787?
Mrs. Bryan Cooke, George Romney, 1787-1791

Comtesse de la Châtre, Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun, 1789

Lady Sophia Boyle, Anne Foldsone Mee, ca. 1790

Seated Woman, Anonymous, 1790-1795

Matilda Stoughton de Jaudenes, Gilbert Stuart, 1794*

Mrs. Richard Alexander Oswald, Sir Henry Raeburn, ca. 1794

Portrait of a Woman, Jean Baptiste Isabey, ca. 1795 (probably earlier)

Portrait of a Young Woman, Louis-Léopold Boilly, ca. 1795?

Abigail Willing, Walter Robertson, ca. 1796*

Portrait of a Woman and Child, Anonymous, 1795-1798 (possibly later)

Mrs. Joseph Anthony, Jr, Gilbert Stuart, 1795-1799*

Anna Church Strobel and her son, George, John Vanderlyn, ca. 1799*

Portrait of a Woman, Etienne Charles le Guay, ca. 1800

Woman with Tapestry Work, Style of Jean Baptiste Jacques Augustin, 1800-1810

Young Woman Drawing, Marie-Denise Villiers, 1801

Portrait of a Young Woman, Mather Brown, 1801

Mrs. Robert Shurlock and her daughter Ann, John Russell, 1801

Said to be Emma, Lady Hamilton, Adam Buck, 1804

Portrait of a Woman, Sir William Beechey, ca. 1805

Portrait of a Woman, Jacques Delaplace, 1805-1810

Portrait of a Woman, Joseph Bordes, 1808
Portrait of a Woman, Vincent Bertrand, ca. 1810 (possibly earlier)