Two Things

One: I've started working on my cap, and it's a bit ... problematic.  I probably should have bought the pattern from Kannik's Korner, but the Ks, the Ks!  It's like Comic Sans.  What I've got going fits, but I've been doing it evenly pleated all the way around to the brim and I don't think it's right.  Well, I'll finish sewing it and then put it on and see how it is.

Two: I found this fashion plate in the MFA collection.

Femme de Qualite en Deshabillé, se promenant le matin à la Campagne cet habit est blanc, garni de bandes de toile peinte, et consiste en une juppe et un corsage avec queue troussée par derriere.
 Lady of Quality in deshabille, walking in the country in the morning.  This dress is white, trimmed with bands of painted cloth, and consists of a petticoat and a bodice with a tail tied up in the back.

I'd put it in a post, but I'm not sure where.  Maybe one on the retroussé anglaise, and how that's the proper term?