1911 Corset Sew-Along, Day One

Not much to report.  I had copied the 1911 corset pattern from C&C and used the Corsetmaking Revolution percentages method to determine the widths of all the pieces, but I wasn't sure it was right (and I knew it wasn't in some areas), so I scaled it up a bit and printed it out again.  Then I measured and multiplied and divided once more, and produced something that made a bit more sense.  I finally drew the pieces out on some newspaper through my own inexplicable scaling-up method, amazed that they came out to be the right size and to fit together.

Then I read the post on using the slashing method to widen pattern pieces, which is much simpler.  Well.  Next time.


  1. Ha ha, next time. All that matters is the pieces work together, how ever they were enlarged!

  2. Sounds like you're making some great projects -- where are the photos?

  3. To be completely honest, there are no photos because I've done next to nothing on the sewing. Well, technically, I have done nothing on the sewing. :( But when I do I will certainly post pictures!


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