Stays ponderings

So ... I didn't actually do any sewing last week, and since I have my internship over the next couple of days I won't work on the corset sew-along until Thursday at the soonest.  (Need to scrounge up some mock-up fabric ...)  Last night, though, after some encouraging words of advice from Kelsey of Historically Speaking, I was thinking seriously about getting together an outfit for joining the 2nd Regiment Albany County Militia as a civilian.

Obviously, the first step is stays.  On the one hand, I have the blue stays I wore to the Stone Fort - those are cut too deep in the armscye and generally aren't comfortable.  On the other hand, I have the ca. 1776 Diderot stays that I've done seams, eyelets, and one panel's channels - I'm not entirely comfortable with the idea of using such up-to-the-minute fashionably-shaped stays for an impression that would be lower middle to working class.  So I'm feeling strongly inclined toward getting new linen from Wm. Booth and some coarser thread, and making a copy of the stays I examined at Historic Cherry Hill: those were strapless, front and back lacing, and not rounded in the bust.  (Also, they were only partially boned in an interesting way.)

Of course, this will have to wait until I've got a job so I can pay for gas and student loan payments.  But I could always scale up the pattern I took and make a cardboard mock-up ...  No, no, no!  Corset sew-along first, wistful-dream projects later!