The stays are done!

No pictures due them looking pretty much the same as before minus about 3/4" off the top in the back.  I still think they're too small in the front, on both edges, but they're not unwearable.  I was actually feeling a bit down about them until I looked at Edward Penny's The Profligate Punished by Neglect last night - the original from 1774 and the print from 1775. 

The maid, who isn't wearing a gown, has stays that only reach to mid-bust - she's got to wear that kerchief for modesty's sake.  (Though I'm not really sure what the kerchief is tucked into, since the stays seem to lace in the back.)  The shape of her stays is kind of closer to tubular than conical, too, more practical than fashionable.  Although I think hers are probably leather as they're so smooth, they look a lot like mine in shape and size.

She is also, I'd like to note, wearing a quilted petticoat and heeled mules with buckles.