Galerie des Modes, 9e Cahier, 4e Figure

Young elegant man in a dotted suit with a white vest trimmed with bands of printed Indian cotton, and coiffed with a Swiss hat and an English queue. (1778)

Young Elegant Man, in a dotted frock coat with a coupé collar with buttonholes; the sleeves en fourreau with heart buttonholes.

White vest, bordered with bands of perse,* the pockets also bordered with it; breeches matching the vest, with garters that match the borders; two watch cords in hair and gold hanging on each thigh; one is attached to the watch, the other is intended for the portrait of his mistress, whether he has one or not.

The suit is fastened below the collar and allows part of the jabot to be free.

Large Bordeau curl, Swiss hat, and English queue.**

Shoes à la d'Artois, cane in his hand with its cord and tassels, half gold and half hair.

* The caption would indicate that perse is another term for indienne, printed cotton, but a period dictionary describes pers as a color "between green and blue" or bluish grey.  Either seems possible in context.
** Curl à la Bourdeloise; the queue is "clubbed", doubled up and wrapped with a ribbon.