Sorry, but ... Yay!

I completely forgot about posting a fashion plate this morning - because yesterday I suddenly found out that the Chapman's grant came through and they could hire me back for another three months to work on cataloguing!  I had to get up at 6:30 again and posting from the queue didn't cross my mind.  (If I could work out how to schedule posts to go up automatically, if that's even possible, that would be so great.)

And then I meant to make this apology post with a picture of this adorable Art Nouveau scale and a yarn holder, but of course I left my camera cord at work, because this is me we're talking about!  Instead I will leave you with a few older fan pictures.

These two are both from the 1910s.  The first is one of the very popular Neo-neoclassical fans which I love; the second is an advertising fan from Coney Island.

An 1880s fan with mother-of-pearl sticks and a heavy silk leaf, printed with an eighteenth century woman in a sacque.  Lovely silk tassel.

A cardboard hand fan from the Washington County fair (held in my hometown!), 1916.


  1. I like the Wash Co Fair one best. Yeeha, Art Nouveau!

  2. I don't mind that you forgot, it's so awesome that you share such wonderful pictures and fashion plates with us all the time! But fyi you can schedule posts to go up on certain days/times, I'm making one for Friday for myself right now since I know I wont be able to work on it tomorrow night. On Blogger when you are on the composition page (writing page) on the right hand side are some options, click the orange header "Post Settings" then click on "Schedule" and on "Set Date and Time" from there just click on the calendar the date you would like your blog to go out and the time. When you are all done click Publish - on you post list it will now say "Scheduled" so that you know it is going to be posted! I hope that helps! Thanks again for all you do! :)

    1. I tried to use the scheduling function once and it didn't seem to work, but maybe I did it wrong! I'll have to try it again.


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