What, not a fashion plate?

So, the most exciting thing is that I'm going to be at Dress University again in 2013, but this time I'm going to stay in the hotel and go to events, and I'm also planning to teach - one class on patterning historic clothing, and one on the 1920s.  I'm so keyed up for it that I'm already working on the Powerpoint presentation for the latter; the former is going to take some more thought before I start writing anything, since a lot of what I do I worked out through practice, and I'm not used to describing how it works.
I am looking for a roommate!  If there's anyone else doing the same, please comment so we can get in touch.

Since I'm still at the stage where by the time I've finished making something I can see how Wrong it is and all the things I would need to do to fix it, I don't have many choices for things to wear.  (Seriously, I've made a sacque, three pairs of stays, a ca. 1890 dress, three or four corsets, a gown, a jacket, my thesis project, and a Tudor kirtle - and just ask me how many of those I want to put back on my body.)  And nothing I've ever done has been formal, anyway.  So my plans (which I fully expect to fall through in some way) are:

Saturday evening, Royal Court Dinner: 1920s court dress
Sunday morning, Let Them Eat Crepes: demi-polonaise
Sunday afternoon, Mad Tea Party: maybe a teagown or like a dress for a tea dance?
Sunday evening, Tiaras and Jampagne: court dress again (maybe with train removed)

1920s day dress for whichever day I have the 1920s class, and my thesis dress for the other

The demi-polonaise is my piece for the curtain-along, and it's almost finished - I just need to hem it.  It could use some trim, and I think I'll get some batiste/muslin/gauze when I get whatever other fabric I need.  More on the other outfits I'm planning later!


  1. Think Positive! Your plans will NOT fall through!

  2. Sounds divine! Have a ball and enjoy it to the max!

  3. I'll be looking for roommates too.

    1. Ooh! Please email me at aspiring.star@gmail.com to talk further!


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