McCall's Magazine for September 1921

Last night, after trying fruitlessly to scan in the 1834 Godey's (it just doesn't lie flat - I might just transcribe the fashion descriptions), I decided to photograph the fashion images from one of my McCall's - it's too big for the scanner.  And they are so gorgeous that I just have to share them.  As usual, you can open them in a new tab to see them at full size, and I think they're mostly legible.

(If that's what counts as "stout", I don't even know what to call myself.)


  1. I'm surprised about the "Stout women you can look slender" ad! Somehow, I just thought obsession with slimness was a product of today, but I guess some things never change.

    1. I've even seen ads (1900s, I think) for what amounts to a second corset you wear on top of your corset. The ideal body was plumper before the 1920s, but slenderness was still an issue. It was just defined differently.


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