Galerie des Modes, 17e Cahier, 3e Figure

Polonaise frock-coat seen from the back, with English braids marking the shape. (1779)

Polonaise frock coat, without seaming in the back, the waist, and the edges, trimmed with English braids, with brandenburgs for buttons and buttonholes; collar of another color, cut as a kerchief.*  Long and thin purse called à la Lyonnaise.   Hair in Greek style, lost with curls en oiseau royal;** worn hat, equipped with a braid which has a leaping tassel on the right side.  Shoes with long quartiers, d'Artois buckles, and large heels, designed to elevate Men from the feet, while Women, in raising their Coiffures, are elevated from the head.

* that is, a shawl collar
 ** literally, "royal bird"