Galerie des Modes, 18e Cahier, 6e Figure

Stukeley costume in the play Beverley, created by P. N. Sarrazin in 1777 for the theater in Nantes. (1779)

Frock coat with fixed bavaroises, trimmed with zig-zag buttonholes, bordered with a cordon of fur or of braid.  Saxon collar, sleeves with a large parement of a color that contrasts with the Frock coat; the middle of the parement is cut by a band of fur or braid.

Vest with little basques; the edges and the pockets indicated with braid.  Kerchief knotted en cravate.  Large English Hat, the edges held up with piano gances, coming to the outside.

Ribbed silk stockings; d'Artois shoes.  The two watches, indicated by a gold cord and a steel chain, with plates or bezels of puce.