Galerie des Modes, Volume II

(NB: After this book, I have no uncolored scans - which means that occasionally the more costumey plates have been removed, sadly.)

The favorable reception that the Public deigned to give to our Enterprise serves only to increase our zeal and to redouble our efforts to satisfy its taste, and merit more and more of its approbation.

Several Persons having demanded Children's Clothes and Theatrical Costumes, we have believed we should spare nothing to respond to their desires.  We will always have for our principle conforming to all that we see that will flatter the Lovers of this Collection, and to compete with the agreement and even utility of this Work.

THE FASHIONS that this Volume contains run until the Autumn of 1780: one finds Polonaises, Longchamps, Levantines, Turquoises,* Lévites, Anglaises, etc. etc. with their accessories or petite oye.  One sees the grand and demi-Parures, Negligées, Déshabillés: in a word, the Habits of all times and seasons, for one or the other Sex, which has been in fashion since the publication of the first Volume of this Gallery.  If some article escaped us, we will make a point of adding it to the suite of our Collection by inserting it in the third Volume.

The object of the Galerie des Modes et Costumes being not only to gather all the Fashions, but also to make them known as soon as they are created.  We will continue to distribute the Work through Books, and to announce in each Book when it will be on sale.  Perfection and speed: this is our motto.

* Robes à la turque