Galerie des Modes, 21e Cahier, 6e Figure

Taffeta circassienne with bands of ribbons, with a petticoat of another color trimmed with gauze in little box pleats, and trimmed with three large bands of different colored ribbons. (1779)

CIRCASSIENNE À L'ENFANT,* trimmed with flat bands: the two sides [of the bands] are accompanied by little gauze bands; "Peasant" sleeves, petticoat matching the Gown, and decorated with two cords de système, holding the watches.  "Genlis" kerchief,** covering the shoulders; "Sailor" shoes, with d'Artois buckles, covering the foot and making it smaller.
Hair en chien couchant, with two fashionable curls.  "Cock's comb" cap, having Italian gauze lappets pulled up, with their ends hanging.

This costume, stylish, only agrees with the elegance of youth's size and freshness.  This is also the cause of its name.

* "Child" circassienne
** Possibly named for Madame de Genlis