Galerie des Modes, 23e Cahier, 2e Figure

Robe à la Polonaise of white linen with a border of painted linen, a gauze Apron; the coiffure is a Hat trimmed fashionably. (1779)

ROBE A LA POLONAISE, of white linen, with borders or a frame.  This Gowns have seemed so comfortable, especially in the country, that Women were eager to give them the most favorable reception.  It is true that these Gown give service only momentarily: soon it is necessary to restore them to their first whiteness.  But it seems that nothing can resist the desire to satisfy the fair sex; the Calenderers have found the means of rendering these Gowns to their original luster, without being obligated to take them apart, nor remove their trim, and this discovery must certainly make an epoch in the History of Fashion.