Galerie des Modes, 23e Cahier, 3e Figure

Robe à l'Anglaise, trained, of taffeta trimmed with gauze in poufs; hat of Italian gauze edged with plumes; below the ribbon is an aigrette and an héron of black plumes. (1779)

ROBE A L'ANGLAISE.  Amiable Youth with slender waist, see here what makes her shine.  Women who mutter against the Polonaises because they leave the train-bearers idle, do not complain any more; the Robe à l'Anglaise satisfies all.  It unites graces, majesty, magnificence, and simplicity at the same time: such that it is, it never ceased to be beautiful.

The elegance of the waist being the principle charm of these Gowns, they have declared war on mantelets with large hoods, flared points, and are only in agreement with round mantelets, such as that in the Print, with contis, or simply with bouillonné or trimmed fichus.


  1. I just wanted to introduce myself and tell you how much I appreciate all the hard work you are putting into this project. Thank you! Its truly a great resource for us 18th century enthusiasts.

  2. Don't you love the lyrical nature of the description?!
    And God forbid the train-bearers should stand idle. No wonder we have unemployment. What next - no street sweepers?!?? Seriously I can see me wearing this one!


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