Galerie des Modes, 28e Cahier, 1ere Figure

Lévite outfit trimmed with tassels, epaulettes, and cords: the matching petticoat bordered with a band of a different color, a blonde lace on the edges of the Lévite and two sides of the petticoat trimming.  The hat is of white gauze, and trimmed en pouf with black gauze, belted with black lace and a colored ribbon. (1780)

LÉVITE A PRÉTENTION.  The bodice and the front of the petticoat decorated with oval buttons and tassels placed in garlands.  Collar with revers, sleeves with epaulettes and parements.  The Gown tied with tassels on the chest: the stomacher decorated with cord; the belt in drapery, placed under the Gown.

Platitude in the hand, conforming to fashion.  Thus are called the very flat snuffboxes which were very well received by all men and women who take snuff.