Galerie des Modes, 29e Cahier, 2e Figure

New Circassienne in Italian Gauze, lined with Indian taffeta; it is trimmed in Gauze, pinched in coques with bouquets of delphiniums, the whole edged with an English Ribbon.  The Coiffure is a toque: long hair surmounted with a toque à l'Espagnole, trimmed with Heron plumes and aigrettes. (1780)

CIRCASSIENNE A LA PROVENÇALE, of Italian gauze, lined with Indian taffeta, very richly draped and trimmed, which is explained in the caption.  This Gown produces the most brilliant effect when it is worn by a Woman tall, well-made, and pretty.


  1. "...As opposed to many of our other offerings this season, any of which would be better suited for short, fat women of angry disposition."

  2. The Choll has spoken. Snort: a hoot.

    As I wrote on Facebook, I just love Birthday Cake dresses. This dress could be made of buttercream over white butter cake, scented with rosewater, and decorated with a mix of live flowers and marzipan lookalikes, along with swoops of buttercream in fantastic swags, and topped with real ostrich feathers. Mmm.

    Actually, excepting the enormous bum, it's a handsome dress.

    Very best,


    1. I would love a birthday cake based off this gown!


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