Coiffures of Godey's 1864

Last weekend I gave you the January fashion plates from my bound 1875 Godey's - this Saturday, in honor of My Vintage Visions's trip to Gettysburg, as she was looking at hairstyles, I thought I'd share the hair pages from my 1864 Godey's, all through the year.

Fig. 1 - Spring coiffure for a young lady.  The hair is waved, brushed over frizettes, and caught into a puff by a fancy side comb.  The back hair is dressed waterfall style.

Fig. 2 - Fancy evening coiffure.  The hair is arranged over a cushion in front, and a large bow falls low on the neck at the back.  A bouquet of flowers is placed directly over the forehead.

The front hair is divided in three parts, and arranged loosely over frizettes.  The back hair is twined and caught up in two loose loops.  This is one of the newest spring styles.

Fig. 5 - The Clarissa coiffure.  The hair is rolled off the face in front, and the ends braided.  The back hair is arranged in a large bow, very low on the neck, and covered with a net.  The ornaments are peacock feathers.

Fig. 6 - The Merny headdress.  The hair is rolled over a cushion in front, and arranged in a waterfall at the back, round which is twisted a heavy plait.  The comb is of black velvet and gilt.  The coiffure is composed of a black barbe and lilies of the valley.

Fig. 1 - Headdress of white plumes, the hair rolled up to one side of the head, the ends allowed to hang in curls, the curls fastened by a jewelled ornament.  The back hair rolled up and fastened by an ornamented comb, which can be seen from the front.

Fig. 2 - Headdress of pink roses and leaves, arranged in a large bouquet in front; in the back so arranged as to appear to catch the delicate lace coiffure and keep it in its place.  The back hair arranged in puffs; the upper part of the front rolled back, the under part curls and allowed to hang down.

Fig. 1 - Coiffure for a married lady.  The front hair is in double rolls, and the back in three long double loops.  The headdress is of point lace, roses, and fancy flowers.

Fig. 2 - Headdress of corn flowers and wheat-ears, arranged in three bouquets.  The hair rolled off the face on top of head on cushions; at the side, on puffs.  The back hair arranged in waterfall style.

Fig. 1 - Evening coiffure for a young lady.  The front hair is arranged over cushions, and the back hair in the waterfall style, with one long curl falling over the shoulder.  The ornaments are peacock plumes.

Fig. 2 - A Grecian coiffure for a young lady.  The ornaments are white and peacock's plumes, with a fancy comb.

Fig. 3 - Ball coiffure.  The coronet is formed of black lace and brilliant colored flowers of the Scotch style.  The streamers are of scarlet and green velvet ribbons.  The hair is rolled from the face, and arranged in waterfall style at the back.


  1. Those are awesome! Thanks so much for sharing and for thinking of me.

    1. Glad you like them! Thanks for inspiring me. I thought you might like to add to your options if you were thinking about hairstyles.


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