Galerie des Modes, 30e Cahier, 3e Figure

Young woman dressed in a caraco à la Polonaise of vermicelli linen, edged with a narrow band; the petticoat edged with a wide band of fabric with a white ground with garlands of flowers. (1780)

CAMISOLE A LA POLONAISE, MITIGATED.  Amadis sleeves cut en botte, without parements.  Border in a band: matching petticoat, with soubassement, forming a framed volant, like the Camisole of vermicelli linen, following the current taste.

Angora cat: these Cats have become very fashionable, and have multiplied with a surprising rapidity.  Their appearance in France has almost entirely made caniche or long-silk dogs fall out of fashion; but the mobility of fashions, the difficulty of taking cats places, will soon bring back the reign of the little dogs to carry under the arm.