Galerie des Modes, 30e Cahier, 5e Figure

Children's dress in the new taste. (1780)

CHILDRENS FOURREAUX.  This Plate represents two little Girls, dressed in modern style; the one, seen from the front, is dressed in a plain Fourreau, trimmed with sabot cuffs and a linen volant, with a bouffante of filet lace pinched in a coque serving as a tour-de-gorge; a straw hat, en casque,* on the head.

The other is dressed in a Fourreau pulled up like a Polonaise, of the sort which shows a flounced petticoat.  She is coiffed with a hat à la Hongroise, positioned on a tapé with two curls, the chignon pulled up.

Some advise, under the pretext of giving more grace to dress, only opening them in front; but it is desired that this fashion does not progress; it must in fact disrupt Children somehow, dressing in these fourreaux, and it could result in accidents.

The shoe is the only object which is never changed.  These are always flat.