Galerie des Modes, 31e Cahier, 3e Figure

English Redingote with three Collars and Bavaroises. (1780)

LÉVITE REDINGOTE.  These Redingotes have succeeded the Backmanns, and make the grand négligé.  The color light blue has been affected to them: they must have the short cut, three scalloped collars, situated in tiers.  Revers separated from the collar, held with self-fabric buttons.  Sleeves en fourreau, having a little parement en botte, opening underneath to the elbow; the whole edged with a gance of a matching color.

Gilet with bavaroises, crossing on both sides; breeches of cloth of black silk.  Hat à la Charbonniere, trimmed with its bourdaloue buckled in front.*  The hat of a fashionable color: these colors have been grey, puce, tiger-orange, etc.

Hair rolled au compas;** the queue in a cadogan: kerchief knotted en cravate; chamois gloves; shoe buckles à la d'Artois; shoes à la Mariniere.

* A charbonniere is a charcoal-maker; a bourdaloue is, besides a woman's chamberpot, a buckled cord/band around a hat.
** I believe this means in one roll all around the back of the head.