Galerie des Modes, 33e Cahier, 4e Figure

Polonaise seen from the back, it is of taffeta trimmed with gauze.  Her coiffure is a medium cap with a very simple gauze lappet. (1780)

[Note: the text that goes with this plate, and most (if not all) of the rest in this volume, is not original to Galerie des Modes - it has been extracted from another source by the compiler of the full-color version reprinted after the fact.  Others have simply been written by the compiler.]

Gown trims are an essential object to an outfit, but what must without a doubt interest is changing them with ease, whether relatively to the design or because it is the part of the gown which suffers the most by usage.  The Demoiselle Saint-Quentin has conceived of making trims which may be basted on the gown: they are of gauze, of a new and agreeable design, and are sold by the ell; they can be over-all a very convenient thing for polonaises.

- La Feuille sans titre [the Paper Without a Title], 16 June 1777.

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  1. "Here's a dime. Why don't you invest in some sock garters and a better-fitting bathrobe?"


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