Galerie des Modes, 33e Cahier, 5e Figure

Lévite simple vue par derrière, coeffure negligée ou grand bonnet à la paysanne avec des barbes.

Simple lévite seen from the back; negligée coiffure, or large cap à la paysanne with lappets. (1780)

This plate is from the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, 44.1495.


  1. I was just wondering... do you know of any extant lévites? There are a lot of fashion plates and other referencces, but I'm not sure I've seen any in museums.

    1. I feel like I did see one somewhere, maybe on the Spanish site? It was European, anyway. But there aren't any on my Levites/Turques pinterest board, so I can't point to it.

    2. That sounds vaguely familiar, actually. I'll poke around.


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