Galerie des Modes, 34e Cahier bis, 3e Figure

Robe à l'Anglaise, rétroussé to give ease in dancing. (1782)

"In 1768, in its December issue, the Courrier de la Mode recommended as particularly favorable for balls, "English dress", with fitted sleeves, sabot cuffs trimmed with gauze, with a gauze apron without a bib* and bows on the shoes: such is still the costume of our dancer who has simply replaced the 'little English hat trimmed with flowers with a postilion**' with a tuft of plumes, an aigrette, and a bouquet."

* Bibbed aprons being mainly a Continental style.
** I believe this means a turned-up brim in the back.


  1. I think postillion refers to a coachman who rode at the top back of a carriage, so perhaps that's a comment about the placement of the decoration in the headdress?
    Nancy N

    1. You know, I think that may have come up earlier in these plates? You are probably right!

  2. Look at those excellent turqoise gloves! Yummy.


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