Galerie des Modes, 39e Cahier (bis 2), 5e Figure

Lady in solitary daydream, with Muslin Gown and Petticoat trimmed with striped Blonde, spotted Gauze Mantelet, large Kerchief of plain Blonde, coiffed with a Bastienne surmounted with a Plumed Hat, watching, over her Fan, the Object of her reflections. (1784)

"Never have women dressed themselves with such simplicity.  No more rich gowns, no more trim on the gowns, no more three-row manchettes.  A straw hat with a ribbon, a plain handkerchief on the neck, an apron at home: no more curls, hérisson,* these follies of coiffure, no more cul-de-Paris,** gores, no more flounces ..."

The little Tableau de Paris, 1783

* This has come up frequently, but I never translate it.  Hérisson translates to "hedgehog", and it's used in reference to the very constructed, tall hairstyles of the 1770s - not the teased puffs of the 1780s.

** Probably bum rolls/hip pads.