Galerie des Modes, 42e Cahier, 4e Figure

Robe à l'Anglaise, Fichu-en-Mantelet, Gauze Hat. (1784)

"The merit of this outfit is to narrow the body as much as possible.  It is necessary that the gown takes in and emphasizes the waist.  It is best to wear tightened stays underneath.  The bodice of the stays and the gown must be fastened very loosely to give the most grace to the body.

"The gown is of a lightweight pink satin, and the petticoat of a lightweight white satin.  One can only disagree that this manner of cutting the gown and the petticoat* is not a refinement of elegance: the two colors lend a mutual brilliance which delights the view: but it is necessary that both are fresh ..."

Le Cabinet des Modes, March 1, 1786

* see coupé in the Glossary