Galerie des Modes, 43e Cahier, 5e Figure

The Flower of the Harvesters walking to contemplate the Summer products without considering anything else: she is in a chemise à la Floricourt,* and coiffed with a hat à la Ceres.** (1784)

Trimming made by Mlle Bertin for the Baronne de Benkendorff.

"1783, August 4. - A grand robe en chemise of spotted linen batiste, a trimming along the fronts in stylish linen edged with a row of lace, two rows of pleated ruffles around the collar and two at the bottom of the sleeves, the whole edged with lace, a petticoat of English lilac taffeta, covered with a chemise of linen, with a trimming at the bottom edged on two sides with a row of lace, lilac ribbons along the front pieces of the gown and in all the drawstring channels. 220 livres.

Dossiers Bertin, Doucet Library

* The Memoirs of Floricourt, by Jean Gaspard Dubois-Fontanelle, was originally published in the early 1780s.  The story focused on "the wild and ungovernable impulses of youth", frequently those in monasteries.
** The Roman goddess of the harvest.