Latest Patterning Visit

This was perhaps my penultimate patterning trip for the first book I intend to put out.  (The last one I have planned will be on the 28th, but I suppose it's possible that I could come across another venue and make another afterward.)  Yesterday I drove down to Historic Cherry Hill to take the pattern of a pretty pink silk spencer, ca. 1795, and to re-examine the petticoat of a gown I'd patterned before, as I didn't have the shaping of the top quite right.  This pattern may be one of my favorites - I like seeing the differences between similarly-cut gowns and sacques, but it's really nice to take the pattern of something very unlike what's come before, not to mention unlike what's in previously-published books.

It has an adorable peplum.

Afterward, I went to the Schenectady County Historical Society museum in the lovely stockade district to see Underlying Structures: What Shaped the Victorian Woman?  The exhibition shows a wonderful array of later Victorian dresses and accessories.

I highly recommend you take a trip over to the museum, if you live nearby.  Costume exhibitions are not common outside of the big cities, and it's good to support local historical societies!

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  1. Small world---Several years ago the Schenectady County Historical Society purchase one of my 18thc. custom wigs from me! It was to be on display there in some way and I can only assume it is.
    It sounds like a lovely place to visit~


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