Galerie des Modes, 45e Cahier, 2e Figure

The Beauty in the uncertainty of sitting waits with impatience for her lover while walking; she is wearing a Caravan hat, a chemise à la Reine, trimmed, with a streaked belt tied in a lover's knot. (1785)

On Marie-Antoinette's toilette. - "At noon she dressed for the whole day.  She slept laced in corsets with flaps of ribbon and sleeves trimmed with lace, and wore a grand kerchief.

"After her bath, a very big and very long chemise was passed to her, open entirely and trimmed with lace, more of a bedgown of white taffeta.

"In the first part of her reign, the Queen loved to put on a little rouge, but several years before her death, she had renounced this practice.

"In summer, she often wore white percale gowns, a gauze kerchief, and a straw hat."



  1. "After carrying the chair three-quarters of a mile while waiting for a lover, Millicent Breakwood was finally able to press it into service. Metro police were notoriously harsh in their treatment of street-walkers, but had not yet expressed an official opinion on the professional habits of street-sitters."

  2. Dear Cassidy, I have a little question for you... I'm writing an article about chemise gowns and I would adduce quotes from "Galerie des modes". But... when those description were written? I mean this second description, not this in fashion plate... in 1785 nobody knows Memories of madame Campan, so I think they will be add later? I'm sorry for my english, it's so bad, I know :)

    1. Your English is fine, I get you! The book is called "Memoirs of the Private Life of Marie Antoinette", by Jeanne-Louise-Henriette Campan. You can find the full text on Google Books as it's in the public domain. The earliest English translation is, I think, from 1823; I'm not sure when it was originally published, but probably sometime around then.

    2. Thank you so much for your answer! Yes, I know this book, but I think about same description in Galerie des modes. I was sure that there are originally from XVIII century, but a citation from madame Campan negate it. Do you know if all the description in Galerie des modes are later than those fashion plates? Perhaps this describtion is an exceptiom and other descritbion are originally... I will be very grateful for your answer!

    3. Oh, I see! Sorry, I guess I didn't understand as well as I thought.

      The third and fourth volumes of the Galerie are only available (as far as anyone knows) in the 1912 reprint. For some reason, the reprint uses quotes from other books and publications in place of the original text. So none of the text from those volumes is original to the magazine.

    4. Thank you so much for the answer! So... when I read Galerie, I have to note if decription has a citation from other book? And if decription is a citation, from Campan or Bachaumont par exemple, it means that it was add in 1912, but when the decription looks like that:, it's original from XVIII century? I hope I understand it! :)


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