Galerie des Modes, 46e Cahier, 3e Figure

The Beauty, despairing of the infidelity of her lover who swore to her an inviolable love, announces by her sadness that this affront has been very sore for her, making herself swear nevermore to allow her heart to be overtaken in the future: she is coiffed à la Nicolet* and dressed in a gauze fourreau** with a striped belt. (1785)

"The freshest ribbons. - Canary or soft sulfur color striped in three colors, namely: canary tail, grape-green, and bishop's violet; solid grape-green; bishop's violet."

Journal général de France, 6 December 1785 (later le Cabinet des Modes)

* Refers to a famous actor who eventually started his own theater.
** A completely new usage of fourreau, apparently unrelated to either back pleats or children's back-closing garments.